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The Paw Club

Fun, Informal Dog Obedience Training & Socialisation workshop as well as residential courses on the Costa del Sol

We want you to have a wonderful relationship with your pet therefore we hope we have found an ideal pet package for you and your pet to enjoy using our skills:
A well trained and obedient dog:
Has a much better relationship with his owner.
Can be given more freedom.
Is less likely to cause or have an accident.
Is a well mannered dog.
Is a dog you can trust.
Is a joy to own.
Is a happy dog
Paw Club - Post Pets Spain
The Paw Club
You may have a dog obedience problem and need results straight away but sometimes this just takes patience and time but once in place we will help you keep re-enforcing the training using positive methods – We want to try and help you have a healthier, happier and better behaved pet. Dog obedience training should be fun, everything you do with your dog should be fun and the more obedience training you do with your dog the more fun you are going to have with your dog. We need to keep dogs interest and keep energy levels up for you the trainer and your dog. The Paw Club will use kind methods of obedience training to include praise, play & treats and you will have the pleasure of training in our “Pet Sensory Playground” that is totally safe & secure.

We will cover:
Dog Obedience.
Walking politely on a lead: the informal heel.
Dog Manners.
Walking next to Traffic.
Socialization & interaction with dogs & people.
The Paw Club is currently running on Saturday mornings 9am to 11am For further information and costs please contact PoshPets Spain via email or ring 952597035. (Please note there are limited spaces available, booking is advisable)

One to One Residential Obedience courses for your pet.( BOARD & TRAIN):
Due to our busy lifestyles and possibly a difficulty in dog obedience training Posh Pets Spain is also able to offer you tailor made residential tuition for your pet using kind dog training methods to include praise, play & voice control.
We understand that you want a better behaved dog but due to our lifestyles or circumstances we sometimes are unable to train our pets ourselves therefore we at Posh Pets Spain are able to help train your dog away from your home and then hand over / teach you at the end of your pets’ course.
Dogs must be a minimum of six months old and we offer a one day appraisal prior to the residential training with you and your dog.
For further details & prices on our residential courses please contact us. A minimum of 14 days stay is required to achieve the best dog obedience training results so why not combine your pets stay with a holiday for yourself.

Les who is part of our Posh Pets Team with over 30 years dog handling experience is currently studying a foundation course with the Cambridge Institute in the UK & is working towards a BA Honours FDA & HE in Dog Behaviour & Training.

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