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Cat & Dog Grooming Salon on the Costa del Sol

Posh Pets Spain: Pet Grooming Salon is situated just outside the village of Alhaurin el Grande near Marbella on the Costa del Sol & has been growing since April 2004. It is so easy for clients to find as it is just off the A404 with excellent parking and first class facilities for dogs and cats. After running a similar business in the UK for over 10 years it was time to take the plunge and move to warmer climates. Our vibrant team welcomes clients new & established.

For Your Pampered Pet:

Deluxe Full Pet Spa Treatment (package 1):
Full Groom out and de matting of coat.
Deep clean wash with hypoallergenic shampoo & a milk conditioner followed by natural Sun dry or Full Blow Dry.
Mini Pet Pedicure and Paw wax for condition of pads
Paws trimmed
Hygiene clip for those necessary intimate areas to keep pets healthy & happy
Clipping & Scissor work to owner’s specifications or to breed Type to include full body & head
Ears cleaned & deodorised.
Finished with UV coat protector Conditioner spray or Pet perfume.

Mini Spa Treatment (package 2) The essential up keep package
Full Groom out & de-matting of Coat
A deep clean wash with hypoallergenic shampoo & a milk conditioner followed by natural Sun dry or Full Blow Dry.
Nails checked & trimmed if required
Paws trimmed
Hygiene clip for those necessary intimate areas to keep pets healthy & happy
Face tided and hand trimmed
Ears cleaned & deodorised
Finished with UV coat protector Conditioner spray or Pet perfume
Special Treatments:

We can offer a range of shampoos & condition alternatives in place or alongside our hypoallergenic shampoo:

1. Parasite shampoo ( To exterminate & prevent unwanted guests)
2. The Natural Way- Citronella, Neem, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree ,Lemon & Lavender shampoo (natural alternative used as a preventative against Fleas and ticks)
3. Organic oats treatment ( A natural pet soak for 15 minutes) to help alleviate itchy, hot, red This treatment can be added to both packages
4. Natural Conditioner Coat Mask for dry, damaged fur. The mask which is homemade with natural ingredients to include avocado, camomile, & olive oil.
5. Ear plucking ( for non-moulting breeds & terrier types) To ensure you have a healthy dog
6. De-shedding Treatment: The de-shedding treatment will make your pet look & feel better. Within one or two treatments it is proven to reduce shedding up to 60 - 80 % recommended by doctors, people with pet allergies and your vacuum cleaner!
7. The Hollywood Smile - Teeth Cleaning we offer dogs the chance to have their teeth cleaned and polished without sedation. ( Due to popularity pre-booking is essential prior to arrival)
8. Pet Pedicure – clipping of nails is essential to the quick to ensure healthy, happy feet.

Hand Stripping:
Hand Stripping is the dead hair being pulled out, instead of cutting the hair with clippers, so a new wire can coat grow in. Stripping maintains a proper wire coat, while clipping makes it soft and ruins the texture of a show kept dog. It grows thicker and soft and often the colour will change.
To maintain the proper breed look. It is very hard to imitate that look on many wire coated breeds if you clip them. However it will do no real harm for pets if you do not care about that look.
It does not hurt, they may not like it, but it is not painful when done properly. Wire hair is not attached like our own hair or breeds with other types of coats. Many dogs like it, it must feel like having your back scratched!
Unlike some purists we at Posh Pets Spain clip the dogs’ tender spots, like bellies, instead of stripping, even for show dogs.

Expect to pay a lot more, at least double, what the clipping price would be. It is very labour intensive. We ask that dogs stay the whole day with us for this service.

Cat Grooming:

Cat Grooming & clipping:

Cats are neat freaks. In fact as you know a cat is a fastidious groomer. After all, it seems to spend most of its life either sleeping or grooming! However sometimes they need a helping hand. Grooming is about more than just keeping your cat looking good. Grooming your cat on a regular basis will also help you to keep an eye on its health. And grooming a cat can even help to prevent feline health issues such as digestive problems caused by hairballs.
Regular grooming can also help to improve the health of your cat’s skin and coat.
The cat grooming takes place here at Posh Pets Spain at a quieter period of the day.
We offer full grooms as well as half clips or styled clips such as a lion clip.
We can also give cats a pedicure, ear clean a dry shampoo or a full wet Shampoo package using only hypoallergenic ingredients.

* We never use sedatives on ANY Dog or Cat at Posh Pets Spain.

Flea, Worm, Tick treatments and Pet Supplements: while visiting the pet grooming salon your pet can be:
Wormed using a good quality round & tape wormer.
Flea treatments including herbal preventions or a quality spot on
Tick removals are undertaken using safe methods, then a preventative option is offered for the future.
Flea & tick collars are sold giving lasting protection for your pet. Normally this will be given to your pet if a treatment is required.

All treatments can be recorded therefore owners are aware when it is necessary to renew treatment when next visiting the pet grooming salon.

Pet Pick up & Delivery Service: Posh Pets Spain can offer pet pick up and return


We have a small shop with a range of products to include:
Natural Pet Treats, Natural “Wash the Dog” Soap bars, shampoos, Leads & Collars, Toys, Beds, clothing, Pet tonic, Posh Nosh Dog food as well as BARF, Flea, Tick & worm treatments and Pet ID Tags engraved on site.

Pet Grooming Courses - Pet grooming tuition is also offered at Posh Pets Spain.

Posh Pets Spain is a recognised Canine Beauticians Training Centre. An establishment offering the very best tuition on a one to one basis. With the rapid growth of the pet industry and a high percentage of families owning dogs, there is a great need for competent dog and pet groomers. Whether it be a view to starting your own business, working from a positive personality, and are basically physically fit, then you too could become a good pet groomer.
Dog grooming training is restricted to two students at any one time. Rachel has a successful record of training & running businesses. Having trained in the U.K. initially, running a kennels and dog grooming salon in the UK, then setting up a pet grooming salon in Spain.
If your need is to learn from the beginning with the view to becoming a professional pet groomer ( Dog & Cat)then a two week or three week grooming course is essential.

Dog Grooming Topics covered:

Coat types.
Skin conditions.
Mites and Parasites.
Hands on grooming experience with bathing, shampooing, drying, clipping, scissor work, and grooming. Nail & ear care, also hand stripping of terrier breeds.

For more information, please go to our site www.doggroomingcourses.net.
Dog Grooming Courses website.

Posh Pets Spain offer a variety of other services for your Dog or Cat.

English Pet Grooming Salon for Dogs and Cats.
Flea, tick & worm treatments. Nutritional advice.
Pet pick up service Boutique Dog Hotel & Cattery
• 1 to 1 Residential Dog Training & Paw Club Dog training workshop
Dog Grooming courses.
Pet Travel & Transportation.
Pet Relocation Specialists by land, UK, France & Southern Spain.