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Posh Pets Spain, our happy photo gallery x

posh pets photo gallery
Poshpets Photo Gallery: Please click on photo for larger image and caption.
Max, our male Border Collie Elba, a young Alsation cross Monty the Schnauzer Barbie the cat the canary, the cat & the poodle!!
blow dried cats Pucci the dog Chica & Buster Betty pooch
Diesel our big friendly Giant Little Toulouse Cheeky little Toddy Pretty Twiggy Little Toulouse
Marco & Rosie
Lucy & Chloe Ezra the black lab Pepa Widget 4 little muscateers
Mavis, Bonnie & Demi 5 Pugs in a Doggy Pool Turin Enjoying a cooling dip at Posh Pets Spain Refusing to budge from the paddling pool Posh Pets Spain the best place in the sun x
Baby Pugs .....too cute x Mini Pools for our baby pugs in the summer Cooling down!! Too cute for words x 2 Pugs, a sunbed & a paddling pool!!
JT - What can you say.....the leftovers from a football!!!! Chubby Chalky Cybil loving the pool Hello Guys!! What a Big Teddy Bear
Fali posing for the camera!!
Friends for life Come sing to me xx
Too cute after a pet makeover
Im off with the ball, got 3000 sq metres to play in at Posh Pets Spain x
Marmite ready to greet every client as they walk in to Posh Pets Spain
Finding her feet at Posh Pets Spain
So Black & White in my room at Posh Pets Spain
No words to describe this other than 3 of our clients total contentment x
42 degrees, sprinklers on, shade, paddling pool, perfect at Posh Pets Doggy Boutique hotel
Not giving up at trying to destroy this "indestructable" ball
Lovely little Bella, one of our tiny clients
Believe it or not this cat Marmite is snoring! It's all about splashing about This beautiful fella - 14 years old & still scrubs up well after a visit to our Grooming salon at Posh Pets Spain Our gorgeous clients Barney & Bailey a cute, short clip for the summer Is this not beautiful - Dog training & socialisation at Posh Pets Spain, when a dog & cat can unite x
We definately have a Posh Pet here
Luna - soaking wet after the dip in the pool What a beauty x Lovely Jenny visiting the salon posing for the camera before her grooming So chilled after a grooming session at Posh Pets Spain
Ready for home Jenny after a grooming session at Posh Pets Spain Some grooming clients are just too cute!! Lovely Rosie having a play on the new agility course Lovely Sadie after her haircut at Posh Pets The approved agility course at Posh Pets Spain
The Seesaw tired, tested & approved by the Doggy Hotel Up, up & away x Bambi very pleased with the agility course. His face says it all x Walkies: Stretch your paws and play, before heading over to France on the Euro Tunnel. Having a nice belly rub
Cuddles and kisses 3 big bears!! coming to stay 3 big cuddly bears staying with us